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Meet Our Team


Michael "POOH" Todd

Founder and Owner

Has been licensed in the states of Kansas and missouri for over 22 years.Pooh started cutting family and friends hair at the age of 12. Once of age he attended barber college where he obtained major accolades and accomplishments. Shortly after graduating barber college he starting cutting at Holts Barbershop where he worked for 17 years as a Master Barber specializing in all aspects of barbering.After 17 years Pooh decided to start Top Of The Line llc. As the founding owner he enjoys teaching all his barbers and stylist to be great at their craft.His mantra and words he lives by are "I AIM TO PLEASE"


Has been a master stylist for 22 years, she is the owner of "Salon Luxe llc". She specializes in color and precision cutting. Punkin is former team member of "Team Hollywood",for two years she traveled the country teaching and styling hair. As she continues her journey , she hopes to service more of  metro area.She absolutely loves being able to change lives with her talents. Punkin looks forward to the future and what lies ahead in the vitalizing field of cosmetology.

Fred Anderson


Has been barbering for 10+ years is licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri, as an accomplished barber specializing in straight hair and designs, Fred loves the kids, he has worked in various shops throughout the metro area honing his skill set before joining the Top Of The Line team where he is now a  Master Barber and co/owner.

Barbers & Stylist

Derek Jones


Has been licensed barber since 1999, when he burst onto the barbering scene he quickly excelled  and became a very sought after barber. He joined the team at James Place  of Hairstyling where he cut until early 2019 when he joined the Top Of The Line arsenal.With over a decade of experience Derek quickly rose in ranks to become a master barber.

Is a loctitian who has advanced in traditional locs within the last year.She makes it a goal to master her craft daily, Mikah embodies  creativity for each client that sits in her chair.She  gets great joy in seeing the clients face when she is done working her magic, she describes it as "priceless". Providing a healthy scalp and hair is her top priority as a loctitain . Book today to experience the magic of the Unique Collection.

Shane Dotson

Has been a barber for over two decades. Shane dedicated 22 years of barbering to Holts Barbershop where he cut along side Top Of The Line founder "Pooh" for over a decade.He specializes in straight hair, fades , tapers and all around quality cuts. As a  Master Barber at Top Of The Line Barber and Beauty Shane continues to produce superior and quality experiences anytime a clients sits in his chair.


Has been a licensed barber since 2012,he discovered his passion for cutting hair at an very early age while watching his uncle whom was a barber as well, he says it was the connection to the community the brotherhood and bonds that drew him to his calling, by the age of 16 CJ was cutting hair as a hobby for friends and family members. After receiving his license he began working at Boots Barber Shop where he perfected his craft,He  later "Found Home" as he puts it when he became a barber at Top Of The Line where he specializes in straight hair, bobs, taper haircuts and straight razors. So book your appointment today! 


Has been licensed since 2015, Greg found his love for barbering at the age of 25, Once he discovered this love he started attending Headliners Academy where he obtained most of the hours needed to obtain his license before moving to Texas and attendingTexas Barber College where he obtained his barbers license. Greg worked at Elite Barber and Beauty for 2 years  before he became a barber at TopOf The Line Barber and Beauty. He states he truly enjoys the traditional feel of the barbershop

as well as creating the experience for each client to feel like a new man/woman when stepping out of his chair.He specializes in straight hair and straight razor and hot towel shaves which brings back the roots of barbering.


Has been a licensed barber for over 10 years. Montel is passionate about his craft ,taking the art of barbering very serious and puts his heart and soul into every hair cut and every client who sits in his chair.He specializes in straight, curly and tapered cuts.


Has been a licensed barber for 2 years, As a child he always had a passion for the art of barbering, He often would hang out at the barbershop just watching and getting knowledge from the local barbers.  After obtaining his license he jumped head first into his passion for barbering .Now a professional barber at Top Of  The Line Barber and Beauty he looks forward to servicing clients while  giving each one the experience that made him fall in love with the art.


Has beeen licensed since 2019, Born and raised inKansas City,Missouri  Mateo moved around a lot through the metro area when he was younger causing him to seek a constant, thats when he found barbering in 2018 he attended Klassic Transformation Barber Academy in Lee summit,Missouri. He Graduated in 2019 .Now that he is at Top Of The Line he aspires to be one of the top barbers in the metro as well as a major influence in the barber industry.


Is a licensed barber in the states of Kansas and Missouri.He specializes in curly ans straight hair.He has had a passion to cut hair for over 10 plus years ,he started out cutting his team mates hair in college getting them fresh for the big game.Years later with that passion still brewing he decided to attend Klassic Transformation Barber Academy in Lee Summit, Missouri where he received his license to barber. Lavelle has now been part of the Top Of The Line family for a year now.He says he enjoys working in the barbershop, and even more so he enjoys giving the client a great experience every time they sit in his chair.


Has been servicing the hair care industry for 22 years and counting.While that is quite the tenure she knows that there is much more yet uncovered behind that styling chair in the industry of haircare.While staying ahead of the curve in her field she still is humble and optimistic enough to embrace the ever changing art of haircare. Monique looks forward to future and providing the clients with all their haircare desires.


Is a licensed barber in the state of Kansas , his passion for the art of barbering stems from his childhood and watching plenty of greats in the game. He feels that barbering is not a job but an acquired lifestyle as well as his life long passion.Him beign introduced to the arts as a child he says has molded him into the barber he is today as he follows the footsteps of some of the greats. Marvion truly enjoys sharing his gift and servicing the community.

        Mikal  Jackson

Has been a licensed barber for three years now but has been cutting friends and family for six plus years.He comes from a lineage of barbers and stylist whom introduced him to the arts. Mikal attended Headlines Barber Academy where he obtained his license and learned to cut a variety of different styles, so his speciality is very broad and ever expanding.He says that he gets a kick out of meeting new clients and providing the most exceptional and top quality services


Is a licensed barber in the states of Kansas. He is fairly new to the barber scene but that takes nothing away from his passion or talent in the art of barbering. Chatt  just recently graduated from barber college but has been cutting close friends and family for nearly  10 years now. He specializes in straight hair and curly hair. If you're looking to get a haircut that embodies excellence Chatt is the guy to see.


Is a professional braider,she has been braiding professionally for over ten years now. She has built a positive reputation within that timespan earning her the nickname "Kaity Banz". Kaitlin enjoys and is very passionate about her craft. She also makes stides to become even more so advanced. She likes to say "You pay for the service ,but the outcome is priceless". 

Is the Administrative  assistant/receptionist, for any questions comments or  inquires Monique is your go to.She also books appointments for the barbers and stylist.If you need anything give Monique a call or just stop on by any of our locations.

Monique Moore

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